Cristina D.

Amazing pizza really cheesy so if you like it saucy say extra sauce got the wings as well and requested them Crispy and they were super delicious. They really listen to their customers. I was amazed with the prices and with the quality.

Mario G.

Definitely one of the few pizza businesses around worth going to. Their quality of their pizzas and their friendly staff will definitely have you coming back. Especially for their personal size pizzas that I always come back to.

Winson N.

This is one of the best pizza spot around town!! I can eat these pizza everyday, the owners and workers are very friendly, and the service is amazing!!! I work close by so I eat this pretty much everyday and I will never get tired of it. I definitely recommend this pizza spot for anyone that loves pizza!!

Tyler Zaugg

So good! The prices are not bad at all and the workers are incredibly nice. That was honestly some of the best pizza I've ever had. Honestly I'm so happy and satisfied right now.

Nina Marie Villagomez

I absolutely love this pizza joint! By far my fave. Since moving out of the area I always make a visit when in town. Highly recommend! So cheesy and the flavor is amazing.

Kendra Morandini

The pizza here is so freaking good. I dont know what they do to the crust but it is simply perfection. Its thick but its crispy. And the price for a personal is amazing! So cheap for 8 pieces. Lots of variety of toppings to choose from. And the guy that runs it is so friendly and funny. Seriously.. awesome place! Highly recommend.

El Pistolero

Been coming here since I was in highschool. These gentlemen never disappoint on the quality of their pizza!! Stopping by here whenver I'm in town is a must and so is asking for the pizza to be a little extra crispy as well!! 10/5

Chloe Nguyen

This pizza place is amazing! I just went to their new location at Meridian, it was so beautifully decorated! The pizza is delicious 😋. The customer service is great! 👍 This place is so family friendly, and welcoming! 100% would recommend this place!

Sandy Cary

Always excellent Pizza, always fast. People are great that work there.

Fredi Ramirez

Always have given me an amazing tasting pizza always worth the wait for me.

Maria Jimenez

Really good pizza recommend a lot love it all the time.

Jacob A Balandra

The place is small but the pizza is good the service is great.

Darius Kermanian

Great customer service, very friendly staff, enjoyed a lot of their pizza, strongly recommend.

Thomas Morrow

Small place, only a few tables. But the pizzas are pretty good and a fair price.

Tonda Starr

Love this place. Excellent quality pizza. Fresh ingredients. Fast delivery. I highly recommend.

Holly Davila

pizza, quality stuff. Looking forward to a return visit. This place has a good feel to it.

Aisha Panorelli

Pizza was so good. Would definitely order again.

Michael Villegas

The personal pizza was fantastic for the price best deal around.the service was great very kind and polite.the pizza tasted great.

Monica R.

So good! The pizza crust was crispy, and the pizza arrived piping hot. You can tell the toppings are fresh, cause they have really good flavor, and the cheese/sauce was distributed evenly. Totally my new go-to pizza delivery!

Cole P.

The pizza is awesome, not joking! The service is great! I would suggest to come here after a long day and have a nice yummy pizza!

Sabrina G.

Great!!!! Perfect place to go when you're looking for a quick and cheaper place to get a solid pizza. Plus, they load every pizza with a ton of toppings and the workers are just wonderful and fast. Totally a recommendation from us

Michael M.

I have seen this place grow over the years. Always the best high quality food. This business is a great example of what hard work produces. The pizza is always fresh and delicious. I always like to order food from Got to Go whenever I am in the area.

Gabriel M.

Great tasting pizza for a good price. Management and customer service is A+, definitely a must try. New Meridian Location as well!

Erika K.

Very good pizza! I've order a couple times for delivery and they deliver pretty quickly also. I love their dough!

Emily L.

Their pizza is always good, and the cheesy bread... oh my. Its a hole in the wall but a gem.

Ilse S.

The employees are so nice and really genuine, pizza isn't the greatest in the world but definitely not the worst. There's no restroom, and there's only three tables total.

Jamil C.

This place is great and very reasonably priced. They remember me even if I haven't come in for months. Always great service, pizza is hot and tasty. Phone orders are usually ready within 10-15 min. Definitely recommend.

Anthony M.

The Pizza Was Very Enjoyable And Not Overly Priced. I will be back again for another thin crust pie very soon.

Lisa R.

Best pizza n customer service Love this place Little mom n pop place So worth the wait